Madison Jordan

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Name: Madison Jordan, Gender: Female, Blood Type: O, Blood Rh: Negative, Street and Address: 120 Almond Ave, City: Norton, State / Province: MA, Zip/Postal Code: 101010

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DiabetesConditionOnset Date: June, 2002, Type: Type 1, Severity: 5.3 -Medium, Doctor: Dr. Brendan Moore (Family Physician), Susan Makelwath (Endocrinologist), Notes: We noticed Madison going to the bathroom a lot, and she felt thirsty, tired and hungy. So we went to see Brendan.
Family and FriendsContactsName: Jane Abernacky, Relationship: Sister, 415 555 1212, 190 Evercrest Dr., Boston, MA, Notes: Jane is Sally's sister. She is an emergency contact for all of us.
Breakfast Lunch Dinner Bedtime Night  
DAY bG Before Meds bG After bG Before Meds bG After bG Before Meds bG After bG Meds bG Other
38 14N     6R                
Bagels and Jam Macaroni and Cheese      
317 14N 3R 264 169 274 8R 238 212   175   16N 194 Dr. Jay Rabinovich (Dentist)
Cereal PBJ Sandwich and an Orange Fish Sticks 2 Cookies  
211 14N   202 6R   182       16N 212 This was a trying day for all of us and we still haven't been able to get Madison's blood sugars under control.
  14N     6R   236   119   16N    
Cereal Cheese Sandwich Shepard's Pie    
234 14N         283       16N 193 Out and about today--not much time to keep records.
Toast and PB Baked Beans and Yogurt Stirfry    
392 14N 5R   63 4R   202       16N 79 Too much juice?
  OJ, Macaroni and Cheese   Bananna Bread and Juice  
216 14N 272       140 6R 239 112 16N 169 Ask Dr. Makelwath about Madison's consistantly high morning BG.
High Ketones Baked Beans and Yogurt   Tofu and mashed potatoes   Apple Juice

Friday, February 17, 2006 to Thursday, February 23, 2006