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With Clarity Health Journal, you’re just a click away from the most relevant and up-to-date health information available.

Fresh links

Doctor with patient

I don’t feel comfortable asking my doctor a lot of silly questions, so I count on Clarity Health Journal to help me find the answers I need.

We search the Internet for the latest news on the topics that matter to you and download it right to your Clarity Health Journal. If you’re diabetic, for example, you’ll find that the Diabetes page always features the latest diabetes news from some of the best sites the Internet has to offer. You can even suggest a link to a site you’ve found that other people might find useful.

Surf safely

And when you need to learn more about a particular topic, you can count on Clarity Health Journal’s built-in Internet search to help you find what you need.

The Internet is rife with questionable cures and misleading information, but you can depend on our ongoing research to direct you to the most relevant health-related websites and protect you from potentially dangerous timewasters.

Online advice

Sign onto Clarity Health Journal forums and share your experiences with people just like you. Or pick up some tips and learn how to stay better connected with your health by making Clarity Health Journal a part of your healthy lifestyle.

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