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Who is Clarity Health Journal for?

Clarity Health Journal is for anyone looking for an easy and reliable way to better manage their health.

  • Parents who want to ensure the best possible health care for their children.
  • Individuals interested in maintaining their health and fitness.
  • People looking for the best way to manage a chronic condition such as: diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, high cholesterol, high PSA, or epilepsy.

A typical family

Meet Sally Jordan. Like a lot of mothers, she’s always had a keen interest in staying healthy—eating right and exercising—but with two children to take care of now, she has trouble finding the time to take care of herself. She’s 38 years old, a little overweight, and she's worried she’s not getting enough exercise.

So she purchased a copy of Clarity Health Journal to help her set some weight-loss goals, define a more rigorous exercise regimen, and track her progress.

Her husband, Peter, is 46 with a stressful job as a senior executive. He’s in fairly good health, but his doctor has been watching his PSA levels ever since his father died of prostate cancer a few years ago.

So, Sally added Peter to their Clarity Health Journal so that he could gather his doctor’s records together where he could track them himself.

Their daughter, Madison, is 8 years old and has been living with juvenile diabetes since she was 4. With Clarity Health Journal, it’s easy to upload her blood glucose levels and track it against the food she’s been eating.

Clarity Health Journal makes it easy to track my PSA levels, and it pointed me to a great site online that explained exactly the sort of changes I should be watching for.

Woman with Therapist
Doctor with patient

With Clarity Health Journal to help me take care of my family, it’s given me time I need to take better care of myself.

Their younger daughter, Megan, is a healthy 5 year-old, and Sally’s been using Clarity Health Journal to compare her height and weight against other children her age. Clarity Health Journal also gives her a place to record both children’s immunization records and made it easy to print out Megan’s records when she started kindergarten.

She even decided it would be a good idea to start tracking her father’s health, after he suffered a mild heart attack last year. And when his doctor retired, Clarity Health Journal directed her to a listing of local practitioners.

In fact, she’s used Clarity Health Journal to create a directory of all their doctors and health-care professionals, the address of the local hospital, and the phone number of Poison Control. So, now when she and Peter go out for the evening, it takes no time at all to create a report that tells the babysitter all she needs to know . . . now that they finally have the time to go out!

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