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What is Clarity Health Journal?

If you’ve been worrying about managing your health, if you’ve ever wondered how to assure better health care for you and your family, Clarity Health Journal provides the answer.

It’s easy to use software that makes it easy to record your important health information, easy to learn more about your health, and easy to share that information with your doctor.

The best data collection and reporting available

Anywhere, Anytime Access

Clarity Health Journal can provide 24-hour, emergency access to your personal health record through our secure Emergency Health Record website.

For families, Clarity Health Journal is perfect for keeping immunization records, tracking height and weight development, identifying allergic reactions . . . all the things you need at your fingertips whenever you’re asked for a medical history.

Everything you need is together in one place, ready to be printed when you need it, viewed online when you’re travelling, or accessed through your Emergency Health Record card.

Better healthcare

I can never remember the details of my medical history . . . so whenever I go to the doctor, I use Clarity Health Journal and print out a copy of all my latest information.

Woman with Therapist

Clarity Health Journal is a powerful communications tool that will improve the dialogue with your health-care providers, whether you’re managing a condition that requires continuous monitoring or even if you see your doctor only once a year.

Detailed tracking

Only Clarity Health Journal provides the ability to both chart and analyze your health data. It’s ideal for children and critical for people who are living with ongoing health conditions.

Goal management

Only Clarity Health Journal can help you set your health and fitness goals and chart your progress towards them.

Reliable information

Only Clarity Health Journal provides you with access to a wealth of online health information, constantly assessed, updated, and annotated to ensure that you’re getting the most up-to-date information from the most relevant sites on the Internet.

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